Principal’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum and welcome to Um Al-Qura Islamic School!

Long ago, in some far away land, technologists sprayed the forests to get rid of the mosquitoes. They used DDT. The result set off an unexpected chain reaction. Cockroaches ate the poisoned mosquitoes and became ill and slow-moving. In turn, lizards caught them. But they too became ill and could no longer feed upon an insect, which consumed the straw thatching of the native’s huts. The catastrophic result for the unsuspecting natives was that their roofs fell down upon their heads. Hence the term, according to legend, “plan ahead”.

If you plan your time well, you will enjoy both academic and personal success and find the time to balance your academic goals with enriching social opportunities at Um Al-Qura Islamic School.

So welcome to the 17th year at Um Al-Qura Islamic School. Remember, your success is our success; the experiences you provide for yourself through good time management will ultimately bring rewards to yourself, your family and friends, and to Um Al-Qura Islamic School. So, “Plan Ahead”.


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