Staff & Teachers


Staff at Um al-Qura Islamic School are committed to providing and maintaining superior standards of education in both academics and Islamic Studies.  We are a close-knit, hardworking, and qualified team composed of individuals of multiple nationalities with a variety of teaching experiences.


    Sr. Husnah (Um Ahmad) Principal
    Sr. Afnan Vice Principal 
    Sr. Jishana Office Secretary


  JK   Sr. Rubina
    Sr. Nouha (Arabic/ Quran PS/JK)
  SK   Sr. Rubina
    Sr. Madiha
  Grade 1   Sr. Saba(English, Math, Science & Social studies)
    Sr. Munazira(English)
  Sr. Jinan (Arabic/Qur’an G1-2, Ibadaat)
Grade 2   Sr. Munazira (English & Social Studies)
  Sr. Jinan (Arabic/Qur’an G1-2, Ibadaat)
  Sr. Abida (Math/Science G1-2)
Grade 3   Sr. Munazira (English & Social studies – Grade 3) 
  Sr. Jinan (Arabic & Quran)   
   Grade 4   Sr. Abida (Math & Science – Gr.3/4, Social Studies-Gr.4)
  Sr. Noor (English) 
  Sr. Omnia (Arabic) 
  Sr. Samiha (Qur’an) 
Grade 5/6   Sr. Nisreen (Math)
  Sr. Noor (English & Social Studies)
  Sr.Abida (Science)
  Sr.Omnia (Arabic & Qur’aan)
Grade 7/8   Sr. Noor (English/Social Studies)
  Sr. Nisreen (Math/Science)
 Sr. Omnia (Arabic/Quran)
French Sr.Samiha (Gr.4 – 8)
Ibadaat Br.Yahia (Gr.3-8)

If you are interested in joining our team of dedicated staff, please email your resumé to

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